Jun 13, 2012

Is your twelve year old daughter trolling the internet sites?

If your daughter is behind the computer all the time talking to boys on the phone and on Skype and meeting them behind your back, it is time the two of you have a talk. She is too young to put herself out there and is not aware of the danger she is subjecting herself to. Besides the danger which is the biggest concern, she should be with kids her own age and not messing around with boys.

Advice to Mom

• Ask your daughter to switch off the computer and come to the bedroom as you want to talk to her. However angry you are that she is behaving in this way, do not shout, scream or say something nasty you will regret.

• Spell out the danger of meeting strange boys in strange places and becoming a victim of rape or assault. Point to recent cases on television where investigators are looking for a dead body of a girl who was raped after getting in the car of a stranger.

• Appeal to her common sense. Tell her she is a big girl now and that there are certain things she just cannot do, and meeting boys behind your back or looking for boys on the internet is not proper behavior for a twelve year old.

• Tell her there is no way you are going to allow outings with boys she has met on the internet and that she is banned using the computer for a month. If she defies you there will be more consequences.

• If she has reached puberty, give her the puberty talk about hormones and bodily changes and tell her without mincing words that she is able to get pregnant now and should stay away from boys who are older than her. She just cannot be friends with a seventeen year old.

• Take your daughter out for a movie or something she wants to do and have a chat with her again. Tell her that if she shows interest in her school work and behaves her age that you will allow her use of the computer for an hour after school even though she is banned.

• Let her watch one of those Maury programs where young girls are pregnant, don’t know the name of the father of the baby, and have been ostracized by their friends. Let her speak to them and let them tell her how hard it is to be a single mother and if she wants that for herself.

• Tell her also that if she uses the computer again looking for boys to talk to that you will remove the computer as well as the television from her room and she will be penalized further.

This is tough love, Mom. This is a high risk age she is in. There are pedophiles on the streets; you can’t trust anyone. You don’t want to have this talk after something bad has happened.


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