Jul 4, 2012

Was the writing on the wall for Katie Holmes long ago?

It absolutely was. A blind man couldn’t have missed it. It was and is on the wall starting as far back as Nicol Kidman. Converting to another belief system is fraught with confusion and the person to be converted, rightly, should be her own person and not be forced to do something she does not believe in. The Cruiser seems inflexible and this problem of converting a spouse to Scientology has gone on long enough and should stop. Bravo to Miss Holmes! My father used to say that if you want to convert someone to your faith you’d better have a big net under him as he falls. And this has indeed happened.

In the Qur’an God states, ‘there is no compunction in religion’ meaning that you should not try to convert or alienate someone from his own faith. Everyone has a choice. What broke the camel’s back in this instance is that Katie Holmes considered the needs and rights of the children and that they should not be forced into choosing Scientology over Christianity. She was right. By the age of five or six a child should have a religious identity. He should know who he, what his belief is; is he going to go to church, to mosque, to the synagogue or the temple. In other words, if the Cruiser gets custody, they are going to grow up following the Christian faith.

Tom Cruise for this writer has always struck me as controlling and he has three marriages to attest to the fact that you can drag a horse to the well but you can’t make him drink. Katie Holmes feared that if she stayed on in the marriage the veil of Scientology would always hang over them and nothing would vindicate the damage that might ensue. It had to be done, and while it is painful, the needs and rights of the children have to be considered and come first. If he is a father who wants the best for his kids, he would understand this and encourage his children in their new faith. It would be cruel to their emotional welfare if they visited with him and he insisted on Scientology being taught to them instead of their religion of choice.


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