Dec 22, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

It is that time of the year when there are celebrations all around and no shortage of New Year’s Eve resolutions. The top ten list this year is mostly the same as the year before and have to do with quitting cigarettes, getting into the habit of being fit – a good one – losing weight, enjoying life more, promises to quit drinking and smoking, better organizing yourself, the promise to learn something new, as well as the very firm resolve of getting out of debt. The last two resolutions are to spend more time with the family, meaning more fun and activities for the children, and the last resolution, to make a concerted effort to help people. These resolutions make up quite a healthy list.


Do you have a resolution? Something you are serious about? Have you already stopped smoking and want to maintain your smoke-free lifestyle? Are you finally going to dump that IT specialist who has been stringing you along for months and still does not know whether she wants to marry you or not? Are you making a New Year’s resolution, or are you just plain tired of your own promises to change and just continuing the same as before?  A New Year’s resolution is a vow before the year ends to make some change in your life, to opt for healthy living, to be good to others. The thought should take root in your mind. It is the one thing you have promised to do. My New Year’s resolution is to accept the hard reality that I have Parkinson’s, that there is nothing I can do and that I make friends with it. The future for me is not unclear. 

Coming to terms

My New Year’s Resolution and my resolution for life is that I be thankful and happy every day for the life that I have. I can walk, I can talk, I can do everything that a healthy person can. I just live with the knowledge that I have a degenerative brain disease from which there is no escape.

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