Jun 20, 2011

Watch out for this writing scam

I'm an article writer as well as writing novels, scripts, etc....but last week I responded to a buyer who wanted an article written within 24 hours. He was in such a hurry for this 1000 word article, that he promised in the online ad that I should read what he had, rewrite it, tell him that I agreed to extend the article from 500 words to 1000, after which he would immediately put the money into my account. I agreed to write it and let him know. I told him that I could only use Paypal to receive the money. Because I had to go out as it was a Sunday and he would not be available for 24 hours, I decided to trust him and extended the article and sent it to him using the email he provided. He never responded. He took the article, never paid what he owed me for 1000 words, and changed his email address.