Feb 10, 2012

Should seniors still use protection during sex?

It is definitely best to wear a condom at all times. Even though the woman might be too old to conceive, you have to think of sexually transmitted diseases, and prevent yourself from contracting any kind of S.T.D. If you are wondering whether there are any areas of the sexual act that you should avoid, it is up to you but always err on the side of safety, meaning that you might even contract something WHILE wearing a condom if you are not using the condom properly or if there is leakage. There should be no reason why a couple in their sixties cannot indulge in the kind of sex they had in their thirties; it is all a matter of comfort, health and perspective.

Increased or decreased rate of sexual activity

Did you know that adults have sex 57 times a year or about once a week? According to Sex Surveys, adults under the age of 40 have sex 78 times a year, and over 70 indulge in it 8 times a year. Married seniors, 67 times, and divorced, never married people about 55 times. There are also those situations where women want a particular type of sex and the man cannot deliver. According to another study, there’s a correlation between coffee drinking and a higher or lower rate of sexual activity.

Love is more about intimacy

It is unfortunate that people view seniors or grandma and grandpa as too old to have sex, or too old to need it or still indulge in sexual activity. For men who are getting older, there is nothing that a young person can do in bed that an older person cannot. One has to be careful of course of stiff joints and a sore back, and take it easy. If you are overweight this is more difficult or uncomfortable. Don’t get wild in bed, and if you have a heart condition don’t stress yourself and try something acrobatic. Love is more about intimacy and togetherness; it is about trust in your partner, compassion for the other person’s needs. Sometimes a cuddle and a kiss is enough. If it is not, you may want to discuss ways both you and your partner can be sexually satisfied.