Jan 5, 2013

The scourge of constipation

Yes, you read right, the scourge. You can never let your constipation get out of hand. Water, exercise and more water is what you need to move your bowels along, and that is not all. You cannot let those muscles in your bowel get stagnant by having too many fall-backs on supplements and enemas; you want to exert your own efforts to move matters along. Hydrotherapy is great and relaxing and helps with getting rid of toxins, but too much hydrotherapy is not good either. It makes you lazy and the bowel sluggish and all too soon you are struggling with constipation again. What the bowel needs is exercise – and lots of water.   

Treatment for sluggishness

Some people have side-effects from too many colonic cleanses which can perforate the bowel and also facilitate in making you lazy to push. Other people can have multiple cleanses a week without problem or stubborn side effects.  Seriously, the best thing to do with a sluggish bowel is to get it working in peak order again. How? Let’s say you are on the toilet and giving a push. Don’t give one push only and expect miracles to happen. Relax into your seat and take a slow and deep breath. Don’t think negative thoughts. Think that you are going to do it. Push moderately and relax again. Do it a total of three times and then make an all-out effort. If nothing happens, drink another glass of water, walk up and down for five minutes, and try again. 

Enemas and devices

Fleet enemas should not even be on the market. If you know what solutions go into your body you will stay well away from toilet devices. One cannot use an enema twice in close succession. And what if it does not work the first time? Going the natural way for some people might be a little harder but it is best for your bowel in the long run. If you have a sluggish bowel, put some time aside every day for the toilet and take your time.