Jun 11, 2012

Nadal takes the sting out of Djokovich

What a weekend of sports this was. Rafa coming out sprinting onto the court, getting two sets in the lead, the rain spoiling it all and affecting both players. One took it hard; the other became emotional. The coaches had a chance to prop up their players, a chance they would not have ordinarily had in the same locker room if it hadn’t rained. There were bets as to who would emerge unscathed and who would drop to the ground. Well, the winner dropped to the ground, sweating, crying, the brilliant and fabulous Rafael Nadal!!

What a final, split up over two days because of the rain, and almost splitting it up again for the third time if it didn’t stop. It was sad to see Djokovich concede at the end. He has such strength and resilience that I feared he would beat the young Spaniard again. Djokovich is arguably the best when it comes to prolonged strength, but even he was pitted and in some instances appeared ready to drop to the ground. When the camera zoomed in real close, you could see the disappointment. But you can’t win every time Djoko; you just can’t.

Rafa has just too much sting. He has to learn some things yet and today he was not guilty of anything, but he must still learn a little humility. He has got better over time, but still has some way to go. His nerves also took a toll on him. Besides his usual perfect way of lining up his bottles and touching his hair and his nose and picking at his back side, this week I noticed, as well as all the usual rituals he was also picking a little at the front. That was a sure sign that he was tense and nervous. It’s also a sign of his will to win.

Uncle Tony can surely be proud of himself. Putting a racquet into Nadal’s hand at such a young age and grooming him for success is something anyone can be proud of. Bravo Uncle Tony. You took a young protégé and turned him into a super athlete. I suspect that Uncle Tony probably spends more time with him than his father; but his father was a spectator, not with the family, rooting for his son. The Nadal family can be proud. Vamos Rafa!