Dec 20, 2012

When you love too much

A relationship geared for the sole purpose of pleasing one person only is bound to fail as it is unbalanced and not based on love and companionship, but fear. The woman is needy and wants to be with him all the time. She is afraid of another woman on the scene. She knows him for a short time but feels desperate when he is on the phone to someone else. A man is the centre of her universe. She must always have one and will do anything to keep him even if she demeans herself in the process. She operates in the mistaken belief that if she does everything for him, he will stay with her. She does not want him to participate in his weekly poker games with the boys; she wants to know who is on the telephone calling him. What she in fact does is alienate the man who thinks her a pushover and still takes advantage of her generosity. She allows herself to be defined by a man and is surprised when he leaves her. 

Signs of a desperate woman

·         A woman who mistakes sex for love and gives in to the man whenever he wants it; whether she is in the mood or not. She is too afraid to say no because she believes if she does not get it on with him he will see her as being frigid and lose him.
·         A woman who caters to a man who is uncaring and when he cannot get his way becomes rude and insults her. She feels hurt but instead of discussing the situation and setting down the terms for a relationship, she keeps it all inside and suffers in silence.
·         A woman who says nothing to the man when he comes home late every night and who has little interaction with her.
·         A woman who is so desperate for the affections of a man that she will abandon her friends because he asks her to.  He is jealous of her friends, yet makes no effort to have a relationship with her.
·         A woman who puts a man’s goals first and let her own dreams flounder.
·         A woman who is forced to do things against her will and is pushed by a partner into unsavoury sexual acts.
·         A woman who does not love herself and waits for others to define who she is.