Mar 20, 2013

Letter to God

Dear God
Please let this be the day that you have Mercy on your flock and strike the word Parkinson’s disease forever from your slate.  There are more than a million people around the world who suffer from this disease. They will do anything God, if you could spare them with new technology or secret ingredients that could set them free. We know you are the One God who can do anything. You do not need our prayers and do not need someone else to help you. You need but think the cure and it will be before you.

Is there a cure for Parkinson’s or is it a hoax?
Recently it came to our attention that there are hoaxers, hypocrites and scammers in our midst. They are there for their own purposes; they are not there to share or help others but to steal what they can with their eyes. Some of us do not care to know all the secrets; just the ones that can grant us good health. Only you can do that, God. We need a miracle – a recipe infused with the right ingredients and the blessings of your name. We need this special elixir to rid ourselves of the disease. We are not unhappy or complaining about the life you have given us, God. We thank you every day for our sustenance and your Mercy on earth. We have said prayers for ourselves and prayers for the ill and the dead.   Please let us know with clear signs God that you have heard our prayers and that you will answer them and bring light to those of us who are suffering. We need help, God.

For the creators of the Reversing Parkinson’s sales pitch
If there truly is a cure for Parkinson’s, may we learn of it soon and may all of us have access to this lifesaving medication. If there is no cure and this is an attempt to line your pockets with money, it is enough to leave you in God’s hands.  Remember, we have a Loving God but also a Wrathful God.

Ref Material – Qur’an, Bible
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