Jan 27, 2012

Overcoming the hype and fear of colon cleansing

Often when people hear the words colon cleansing they conjure up all sorts of images of buckets and water hoses and volcanic eruptions and bad smells. I used to be a skeptic myself until I was forced to take a hard look at my health. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s just a few weeks ago. I was shocked. How could I have Parkinson? That was an old person’s disease. All I did was go to the doctor to ask about the occasional trembling of my right hand, and two days later I had a brain MRI and was told I had this debilitating disease. I became ill just at the thought that I could have such an illness and stayed in bed for two days feeling sorry for myself.

On the third day I got up and snapped out of my depression. I embraced my disease and went online and read everything about Parkinson’s and its symptoms and learned that it was a degenerative brain disease. The word degenerative was interesting; we were all degenerating, some faster than others, but all getting older nevertheless. I had a decision to make. I was told that Parkinson’s wasn’t something to play with. That I was in the early stages and if I took the conventional medication early enough that the disease could still be halted.

Colon cleansing treatment a gift

I decided to go the wellness route first. I would try natural and alternative remedies recommended to me by a homeopath or naturopath and first see how well that went before turning to conventional medicine. As it happened, I met a couple who practiced natural healing and these people said to me that they could help me. I was skeptical, and told them that there was no free lunch, and I was happy to pay for the treatment. They said, no, they wanted nothing; only that if I could help someone else in the future, that I should help them.

The treatment

I placed my faith in them and saw them every day for a week, drank the clay and husk mixture, drank the banana, apple and mango smoothies, ate the seven nutty ingredients which I ground in a grinder and sprinkled over fruit and Greek yoghourt. One of the treatments for this healing of my mind, my soul, my heart, my wellbeing, included having a colon cleansing which was done in serene surroundings where you had a pleasant lukewarm water rinse-out of the colon. This took about twenty minutes and the only shock I experienced was the shock of seeing how much unwanted waste we all carried around; it gave new meaning to the word impacted – pounds and pounds of hardened matter, weighing our bodies down, making us feel ill with all the toxins.

A colon cleanse was a way to remove waste and toxins. I had been scared to have it, but with more knowledge of the procedure my fear was groundless. Patients came out of the water room with smiling faces. The water lady was a sweet woman who inserted the thin little plastic probe, made sure the towel covered my knees, told me to relax and that she would be just outside the door if I needed her. You do this on your own, she said, because you heal yourself as you let go of all this muck. Think of your brain, the same shape as a walnut. Imagine new cells forming and regenerating your brain. As I drove home I thanked God for putting these people in my path. It is only two weeks ago that I have met them, but already their kindness has borne fruit. A few days after my first colon cleansing everyone who saw me commented on my healthy appearance.