Mar 2, 2013

A well functioning immune system a most valuable asset

When our bodies fail us in one way or another we look for a special ingredient that may magically turn it all around. What we should be doing, is checking our immune system as a whole and not do a patch-up job by fixing and adding things here and there as you would on a car. You have the car checked out and examined. You make a list of the valuable facts and points. You get a list, a plan and your stethoscope together to fix the problem from inside out to get to the heart of the matter. 

What causes a sluggish immune system?
·         When you smoke, drink alcohol, and have poor eating habits
·         When you are anxious all the time and suffer from  anxiety
·         When you do not exercise and have no physical outlet
·         When you do not watch your weight and what you eat
·         When you don’t take vitamins or care for your  general health
·         When you do not have enough sleep
·         When you have no form of relaxation
·         When you have too much sugar

How can you boost your immune system?
·         Take the time to enjoy a meal and have enough protein, vegetables and fruit on your plate.
·         Light to medium exercise is sufficient for a senior, even if just a walk to the park and back. It is not good to sit and mope around.
·         If you are a loner, get out of your room and make friends with your neighbour. It is not good to have no contact with other people. People who interact with others have more to live for and it is good to have friends.
·         Make a decision to work for half an hour in the garden every day; wear a hat and drink lots of water.
·         Eat food rich with vitamins and take a supplement to boost your immune system.
·         Check with the doctor for a supplement tailored to your needs. We all have different requirements.
·         Have a good night’s sleep and take frequent naps.
·         Include spinach, chard, and boiled turnips on the menu.
·         Treat your immune system better than the engine of your car and you will be fine.