Jan 18, 2013

Recovering from a bad round of Parkinson's side effects

It may seem like you may never come out of the fog after a Parkinson’s streak of side effects which can leave you bewildered and confused.  Do not give up. I thought I would never see my laptop again. I write this article not to scare you but to let you know that there is hope EVEN though it might seem grim at the time and feel impossible. There was confusion about medication and for about four days I used a pill I should not have which caused all the trouble. At the same time I was trying to get the hang of Movicol for a bowel movement and after a week it still did not come. I felt ill, confused, out of sorts, gassy, listless, no appetite, lost 10 pounds, and did not know whether I was Arthur or Martha when I woke up. Today is my first day of writing articles after an absence of almost three months.

Getting it right in the toilet

It is not difficult if you follow the instructions precisely. This is what I did after reading lots of material and fully investigating Movicol. I would recommend that you read Movicol literature at least three times before you use it. There are users who have abused it and now do not have a movement unless they use it. Lay out what you need: a plastic sheet to lie on, a box of tissues within reach, and a Fleet enema. Lay on your side on the bed, take off the cover of the nozzle, and insert the nozzle as far up as it will go. Squirt out all the contents of the solution and remain on your side for three minutes and then stand up. You might take a minute or two, but when the churning in your tummy becomes explosive, sit on the toilet and have a bowel movement. Do not get up immediately. You might feel really good at this point, but wait for another few minutes in case there is more. 

Clearing the channel

The next step is very important. You want a clear channel at all times; that is your objective. So after the enema I have something to drink; either just a glass of water, or a glass of orange based husks which give a soft and firm stool. I also stick to the right foods and fruits; sweet melon, pears, blueberries, chicken, Basmati brown rice, dark green veggies such as broccoli and green beans. I have one tea only a day and drink three to four bottles of water. I have also started to nap in the afternoon as I don’t get enough sleep at night. Take things slowly. Live one day at a time. Pull yourself together when it seems almost impossible for you to do so and go and visit a friend or help someone else who is not feeling good and not doing so well. Don’t let depression take root in your mind. Don’t go quiet and indulge in cabin fever.  Do something with your friends or go for a walk. With Parkinson’s you need to stay active.