Mar 28, 2012

Protect your kids from child molesters

Did you know that according to www.Sex-Offenders.US a child is molested every four seconds and that molesters know their victims and try to buy houses near schools and parks where there are children they can approach? They blend in with the background and even talk to children long before they strike so that the child can feel comfortable in their presence. Some stalk children for months and the children know them well when they finally make a mistake to get into that vehicle. Children have been taught to be kind to strangers and so they think they know the perpetrator, and go along to look for the dog which is supposedly missing.

Pedophiles in the neighborhood

There is nothing redeemable about a pedophile or a kidnapper; they have no conscience, no remorse, they have one goal only; an irresistible urge to have sex with the child. According to statistics by the time they reach your child they would have molested about 260 victims during their lifetime. And here is the rub; a pedophile can be convicted over and over again for the same offense and come and live in your neighborhood again after he has served out his sentence.

Your only way to protect your children is to have a serious talk with them and apprise them of what can happen to an innocent child when he gets into the car of a stranger or the car of someone he does not know. They are your children; you cannot afford for them not to know. It is your duty to teach them the danger of talking to strangers and getting into strange people’s vehicles. If someone you don’t know asks you to get into the car, you don’t. You run away as fast as you can; even if it is a woman asking you to get in. In Canada years ago there was a husband and wife child molesting team driving around the neighborhood looking for someone they can molest. They stopped for a girl supposedly looking for directions, and took the girl to their house, raped her, drugged her, took photographs, and eventually killed her. One has to be as aware of female predators as one would be with males. The most serious repeat offenders show early signs of strange behavior.

• Don’t let your children open the door of the house when nobody else is home; in fact do not let your child be on his own unless he is old enough.

• Don’t leave your children with a babysitter who is the same age as the children.

• Never send your young child on his or her own to the shop.

• Teach your children how to use the alarm.

• Teach them not to get into anyone’s car, not even the uncle.

Give your child a whistle and tell him or her to carry it in the schoolbag and use it when someone wants you to get into the car to give them directions. According to a report there are about 400,000 sex offenders in the United States. Protect your family by educating your children on the dangers of strangers luring you to come with them.