Nov 4, 2012

Kudos to Katt Williams

Katt Williams, the American comedian has adopted seven children. “And I didn’t have to go to Africa to find them,” he said. Whatever you want to say about this comedian, he has a huge heart to take on such a responsibility. Some of the kids have siblings and he did not want to separate them. But then Katt Williams can afford it, wearing jewellery to the tune of $175,000 in the street. This is what we like about the comedian; his flamboyance and audacity to go out in public with his jewels around his neck, on his ears and fingers; he does this to remind him of his hard work and achievements. In his own words, he feels good when he is able to feed and clothe his family, pay the staff, and be a good father.  In fact, he lost custody of his eight-year-old child but got her back. 

Adoption becoming a trend
It has become fashionable to adopt children from other cultures and countries since Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt started and more and more celebrities are coming forward to adopt children who need a home. Madonna, Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise and many other celebrities have adopted children who are currently doing well. These children are not over-exposed and are living ordinary lives. Katt Williams is the first black American celebrity to add six or seven children to his household; not an easy thing to undertake. When you consider the cost of only one child, you shudder at the thought of raising eight kids. You have to be responsible and a heck of a parent to be able to pull it off. Eight kids to feed and clothe, eight kids at the breakfast and supper table, loads of washing and school activities and then the staggering cost of education. What motivated the comedian to undertake such a responsibility? This writer believes conscience and love of God.

Setting an example
Katt Williams setting an example of a black man adopting children hopefully will start a trend and more people will do it. There are loads of childless couples who want children but cannot have them and would be willing to adopt. And as Katt said, one does not have to go to Africa to find them; they are just down the road. Bringing a child into your home is an act of love and kindness. Kudos to you Katt; there should be more people like you.  What you have done has changed eight children’s lives.