Nov 14, 2012

Getting rid of tapeworms

Tapeworms in children
Having a tapeworm can be a stressful and embarrassing situation for a child. He has cramps and feels nauseous and has pain in his stomach exhibiting symptoms of tapeworm infestation. According to there are four types of tapeworms: the beef, fish, pork and dwarf tapeworms. All are flat worms that live in parasites. Tapeworms come about when humans ingest the eggs or larvae from undercooked meat and also when there is contact with fecal matter. Infection can spread in many ways, even through contaminated water and the poop of infected pigs. The dwarf tapeworm is about 7 to 10 inches in length; the beef, fish and pork tapeworms are as long as 30 or more feet. The eggs or larvae attach to the intestines where if they are not medically removed they can survive in your gut for ten or more years.

Dangerous tapeworm for humans
The most dangerous tapeworm for humans is the dwarf tapeworm which affects the liver, brain, and spinal cord and which comes from the direct ingestion of tapeworm eggs. This tapeworm is found in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America and parts of the United States. Person to person transmission is common and young kids are hosts to these creatures as a result of lapses in oral hygiene. The dwarf tapeworm grows inside rodents and insects and humans easily contract the tapeworm by eating grain contaminated by vermin.

Getting rid of tapeworms
If your child is not well and is complaining about nausea and stomach pains, he might have a tapeworm. Tapeworms in kids are common as they are crawlers and put things in their mouth, and also do not wash their hands as often as they should. If you suspect that your four year old child might be affected take him to the doctor immediately. Wash your hands with soap and put on a pair of plastic gloves. Collect a sample of his stool. Some tapeworms can be seen to be moving in the stool and this would make a perfect sample. Deposit the stool in a clean jar with a lid. Do not touch the jar unless you are wearing gloves. Put the jar in a clean plastic bag and take it with to the doctor.  Tapeworm infestation is treated with medication and good hygiene. Some tapeworms are tough to remove and some come crawling through the skin. Stay with the treatment until everything is eradicated and the child is free and clear of worms.