Feb 25, 2012

Are women hard to please?

It depends on who you ask. If you ask this of a current lover she is involved with, you might hear a lot of good things. If you ask a past friend, you might hear differently. People’s opinions are colored by experience. Still, to answer the question, most women are easy to please and will put up with a lot from a partner, will even overlook that time he left her stranded along the side of the road because he was late for the game, but a woman absolutely will not put up with coming home from work and finding a pair of skimpy, smelly panties lying on the floor at the side of the bed and it is not hers. Women go ballistic when men cheat. 

Second chances  

A woman, in most cases will give a man a second chance. For the panties incident, she will give you the usual silent treatment, not make you your favorite midnight snack, withhold sex and ignore you and pout around the house for a few weeks because you have cut her pride and brought another woman to the bed. She is disgusted with you but she is stuck, and eventually she will let you in because she has no other way. She will give you a second chance because it is just easier to get you to shut up than rehash your addictions and problematic behavior over and over and tell even more lies. 

Practical thinkers

Women are practical. They think of the school fees, the medical expenses for the second pregnancy, the job she might lose if she takes too much maternity leave, and the thought of doing it all on her own will force her into giving him a second chance. It is not out of the goodness of her heart that she is doing it; it is out of necessity. It is the usual sacrifice that women make; something for something. She is managing her life and not losing a paycheck. A woman can forgive a man and stay with him if it means that her children will be protected – and even if the forgiveness just lasts until the kids are eighteen years old. 

Natural givers

So it is unfair to say that women are hard to please. Some of them are because they have learned the lessons first hand. Women can see around the bend; they know the lines, they know the excuses, and have heard the ridiculous things men come up with when they have been caught with a finger in the pie. Otherwise women are nurturers and natural givers.