Jan 14, 2012

Understanding and rectifying erectile dysfunction

Fact! Studies have shown that 75% of men have decreased blood flow to the penis and testicles. What this means is that there is diminished blood circulation in the genital area and poor quality of the male hormone secretion, testosterone, which in turn causes a compromised sexual appetite. There are products on the market which can bring about an erection, but there is danger to using some of these products as you might end up with an erection that refuses to subside and have paid for several hours.  

Having said all of that, it must be the most horrible and embarrassing experience for a man to make it all the way to finding a companion and wanting to have sex to discover that he has a problem in the bedroom. How does erectile dysfunction happen? It happens when there is not enough blood flowing to the penis and prevents an erection. ED is the medical term for the struggle to achieve and keep an erection. It is caused by physical health problems such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes, and affects thirty million men.

Signs that you have erectile dysfunction include some of the following:

·                    you no longer have spontaneous erections
·                    you have doubts and feelings of failure
·                    you try to avoid getting close to a woman
·                    you can no longer summon an erection when you want to

When a man finds himself losing his ability to have and keep an erection he may have feelings of failure and think of himself as insignificant or inadequate. In this 320-page Guide to Cure Erectile Dysfunction, you will find out in addition to a wealth of information:

*          How to get an erection just thinking about it,
*          How to put an end to impotence forever,
*          How to dispel the myth that sex is only for the young,
*          How to boost blood flow to the genitals and oxygenation of the cells,
*          How to restore your libido,
*          How to please your partner,
*          How to stop your sexual from decreasing in size.

Having erectile dysfunction is heartbreaking for a man. In addition to diminishing his self-esteem, it can destroy him emotionally not to be able to please the woman he loves. This Guide on erectile dysfunction will show how to boost blood flow by employing certain techniques to get back your power in the bedroom – and promises to do so within 14 days! Go online and check it out.