Jul 28, 2012

Forty the best time for a single woman

What I would not give to be forty again. When I was nine I fell in love with Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock and wished I could meet him. When I was sixteen I wished I was grown up and could travel the world. I traveled the world and had many adventures. When I reached forty and got divorce papers served on me in bed my life changed. I had two kids to support, a job in a downtown office, and a mountain of problems – and no man. I learned hard and fast that I was not cut out for marriage, I was selfish with my time, and accepted it. Today I am 65 and wish the clock would stop as I have never enjoyed my life as much as I am enjoying it now. Why? – because I am single, the kids are married, the husbands have fled and for the first time I am truly the master of my own domain. Forty wakes you up. If you haven’t learned anything by forty you never will.

Sense and sensibility

Forty is also a great time for women. Women are looking after their bodies, toning up, are more conscious of their sexuality, and are more evolved. They are not afraid to go out by themselves and will go alone to a cinema and sit happily with a box of popcorn and have no feelings of guilt. At forty she knows what she wants; a quality friendship or relationship; someone she can walk with and talk with and say goodbye at the end of the date. At forty women have come out of bad relationships and are more honest as to what they want.

Benefits of being single at 40

• You are free to do what you want. No one tells you that your job or your writing is a worthless waste of time and makes you feel bad.
• You are your own boss and can have friendships with as many people as you want not worrying that your partner might not like it.
• You can cook what you feel like eating, order in, or go out.
• You can decide to do some night courses at a local university to further your studies.
• You can go out with your girlfriends at night, or go for a weekend retreat; you do not have to ask anyone.
• Forty is also a great time for a woman as she is at the height of her passion, knows what she wants, knows what the man wants, knows how to read him, and does not play games as that is what a lot of young women do.
• A woman of forty is experienced, has paid her dues, is not squeamish about sex and is not afraid to discuss it. Forty is not old. It is the new 65.


Augmenting breast size by transferring your own fat

Have you been pondering for a long time about your breasts and wanting to increase volume or size without being put to sleep? There is a wonderful new and safe breast augmentation procedure now where your breasts can be reshaped by using your own fat and transferring it to your breasts. There are no foreign objects in your breast as the procedure does not require saline or silicone implants. The procedure is done without local anesthetic, recovery is fast, and you basically walk in and out the same day with firmer breasts.

Simplicity of the procedure

After some women have children their breasts start to sag and they dream of having nice contoured breasts. Well you need not dream anymore; you can make it a reality. First, however, let’s talk about the old way of breast implants. The old way of augmenting the breast was to use silicone or saline implants, which first of all is invasive as it requires cutting and general anesthesia. When you use implants there is no guarantee that they will not be rejected; you only know that afterwards. Implants also cause scars and discomfort. Your breasts can have a great new look without having your skin cut.

How the procedure is done

• Because the doctor does not use anesthetic for this procedure and there is no cutting, he performs the no-cut breast augmentation in his surgery.
• He harvests fat cells from your abdomen, hips or thighs and uses that fat to augment your breast size with gentle liposuction. The fat removal helps in that it reshapes your body and you have a more natural look. The fat will not grow back where there has been liposuction and if you put on weight it will come back evenly all over your body instead of just in one place.
• You can also enhance fat transfer by including stem cells which may increase the effectiveness of a fat transfer by creating an enhanced blood supply. You can decide which way you want to go.

Advantages of natural breast augmentation

1 It is the safest and most advanced method of augmenting the breast,
2 It uses your own fat and stem cells,
3 You can increase breast size by one to two cups,
4 You feel natural,
5 The liposuction method is gentle as it utilizes a water stream to loosen the fat and assist in the harvesting process,
6 There is no pain and little discomfort, no scarring, and with a faster recovery period. You will see results after a few days.