Jan 23, 2013

A healthy bowel for healthy living

It must seem like this site is hell bent on matters of a fecal nature but it cannot be helped, especially for Parkinson’s sufferers and those afflicted with a lazy bowel. There is no question that the sooner you address these matters and understand how things works, the better it will be for the one desiring the treatment.  People are different, have different strengths and weaknesses, and chronic constipation can be a real problem if you let it slide. Once you become impacted it becomes really embarrassing as the doctor or carer will have to work on you manually to loosen the stool. 

Research on the internet
There are several products on the market. Check out all treatment sites having to do with a lazy bowel and chronic constipation. The Parkinson’s sites should also reveal helpful treatment as Parkinson’s medicines are known for their Calcium content making for a difficult stool in some cases. I cannot suggest a name but here are three or four of the top treatments, some of which should help you get relief on the same day if you follow instructions carefully.  This writer has Parkinson’s and has found relief with Movicol, a laxative, and Fynbogel, an all-natural product which assists in forming a stool. Fynbogel is NOT a laxative, but helps in stool consistency and formation which gives you a pain-free and push-free stool. For instance, I took a glass of Fynbogel this morning at 7.30 a.m. At 8.00 I was all done with my toilette and ready to start the day.

Regular maintenance of the bowel
We all know how easy this is to neglect. When you are in the throes of stomach cramps and the like you swear that you will eat more veggies, fruit and fiber to assist your digestion, but all too soon you forget and the bowel is neglected. Get yourself a small white board for the kitchen and write down the ingredients you have to buy every day; dark veggies such as broccoli, green beans, spinach and lettuce are particularly good. Have a one-hour walk to the shop or around the park. If it is snowing in your neck of the woods, go on the treadmill. Keep active. Have a favorite fruit or veggie every day. Drink lots of water and keep moist.