Dec 31, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions! And This Time You Mean It!

All of us have the best of intentions when the year comes to an end, make promises to quit smoking, vow to do more exercise and lose weight, and by the middle of January have fallen by the wayside and are still indulging in bad habits. Maybe the resolutions are too stiff or have not been given enough thought? Maybe the first resolution should be not to make idle promises, not vow to change too much, but pick one thing you really want to change about yourself, and stick with it? Here are some easy resolutions to make and keep and also benefit others.

·                     Vow to be less edgy and less impatient in 2012
·                     Vow to give more of your time to others
·                     Vow to help someone without talking about it
·                     Vow to give to street people without judging them
·                     Vow to help in the soup kitchen or shelter even if only once a week
·                     Vow to be less arrogant and not be a show off
·                     Vow to draw up a plan and reduce your debt
·                     Vow to save money and do your own manicure and pedicure
·                     Vow to forgive your enemies
·                     Vow to have more respect for your mother
·                     Vow not to use God’s name in vain
·                     Vow to  give up your rotten racist behavior
·                     Vow to keep your resolutions

These are resolutions which cost nothing and are easy to implement. When you are selfless, you give off good vibes and others will follow you. When you seek purity, you will not fill your lungs with smoke or indulge in intoxicants. When you are kind, you teach someone to be generous. Vow to be a better human being and give more of your time. For the coming year, give a friend the gift of friendship without a price tag. Pass this on to everyone you know and wish them a New Year’s resolution from the heart without wishing for a gift in return. A happy and bang-up New Year to you in 2012