Feb 5, 2012

Signs that your relationship might be in trouble

It is not a pleasant thing to write articles about infidelity and what to do about it, but if you can save someone from making a mistake, or help someone move on, it is well worth it. If you are currently in a relationship and your partner is acting strange, it may be that he is feeling guilty about his actions. If the following occurs, you have grounds to be concerned.

Signs that your relationship is in trouble

·                    Your guy comes home late from work every night, without explaining why he is late. Sometimes he only arrives home at midnight.
·                    He calls from work to say he is working on reports and will meet with some friends afterwards without giving you a reasonable explanation.
·                    He does not seem very interested in what you are doing and does not miss your attention.
·                    He’s bought mouthwash – something he has never done before – and goes out by himself.
·                    He says he has work to do at the office and may be home as late as midnight. When you call his office he is not there.
·                    He does not seem interested in having sex with you anymore and spends more time on his and with his buddies.
·                    He now wants to wash his own shirts and underwear.
·                    He comes home with pornography.
·                    He downloads porn at work and has a stash of pornography you discovered in a special folder on the internet.
·                    You feel that he has cooled towards you.
·                    He claims he has erectile dysfunction, but does not want to do anything about it.
·                    He has stopped buying you gifts.
·                    He no longer asks for your opinion.

Only you know your partner. Is he acting unusual? It is better at this point to ask him if you are right about your suspicions. Surely, no one wants to stay on with someone who has lost interest, and it is better to know the truth. If he has not lost interest in the relationship, it will do both of you good to speak to an expert to deal with what seems to be a troubled way to live. Usually friends of the couple can tell at a glance if something is wrong; ask your best friend what she thinks – then trust your instinct to do what you have to do.