Dec 2, 2012

Can one man provide all your needs?

When you look at the type of relationships one has today they range anything from so-called normal set-ups to the type where couples live in different homes and spend weekends and vacations together in order to keep things fresh. The question is not necessarily whether one partner is enough for you sexually, but whether the partner shares some of the same interests as you do; something that will keep the mental and physical intact over the years. We feel differently at forty than we do at nineteen. At nineteen we dance on the rooftops and hang from the rafters and have no care in the world; at forty we have grown stiff with boredom and are saddled with partners who have not evolved at the same rate. 

What do women want?
First, a woman wants understanding.  She wants a man who can make her laugh, who interests her with his mind and can engage her – a man who values her opinion and is her best friend – a man who is sensitive and cries when he is hurt – a man who holds her in bed and cuddles with her on the couch watching a film – a man who trusts her and still thrills to her touch.  She wants to be more important than his buddies and be the first one he comes to when he is hurt or in trouble. Women are fierce protectors of their brood. When it comes to her kids there is nothing she will not do to keep them safe.

Keeping the home fires burning

Being your partner’s best buddy or best friend is probably one of the most important ingredients for a successful relationship. When you are friends with someone you do not hurt them; you want the best for them and for yourself.  Women will do anything to keep their families intact; they are loyal creatures and fiercely protective and just like a watchdog can turn on you at the drop of a dime if you come into her space.   

There are more women than men in the world today and polygamy can easily fix that problem; but that is not our subject today. It’s not easy to find a good man and where you find one you have to guard against women with crowbars who are ready to wreck your relationship to get your man. To answer the overall question one man is enough if he has even half of the attributes mentioned above. The best medicine to keep a relationship healthy and alive is to be the best friends you can be; everything else will fall into place.