Mar 19, 2013

PD Scavengers

These are the people who put out false information about products and condemn the very product and information that they are trying to sell to you. Here is a first-hand experience. I have Parkinson’s.  The advertisement making the rounds right now is an electronic PDF on HOW TO REVERSE PARKINSON’S DISEASE – the people behind the ad claim that they can reverse this degenerative disease that scientists have been trying for years to find a cure for and are still in the dark about. The claim that they can reverse this degenerative disease is not only untrue it is just plain irresponsible and gives PD sufferers false hope. Why would you play with someone’s emotions like that? This is their health. Parkinson’s is a dangerous, degenerative scavenger.

Reversing Parkinson’s
A PD sufferer will do anything to reverse his condition.  I am one of them. When I saw the advertisement in question I read the information four or five times to make sure I had read right. The ad stated very clearly that the sales pitch guaranteed to reverse your Parkinson’s and that you would get your money back if they were unsuccessful and it was not reversed. The ad promised that THREE ingredients would make the product work successfully.  I wrote a letter and expressed my interest. They never bothered with a reply. All this makes me ask is WHY? 

Good karma pays dividends
If you are sitting with information you know will help people, why would you not share it?  Your generosity will help someone else and that someone will help you. Karma is like that. For the doctors who would rather see you on pills than see you better: if you truly have the secret that can turn the medical industry on its heels, why not share it now? Why not tell us the ingredients and tell us how to prepare it? Where is your generosity?