Jun 2, 2012

Are online writing sites all the same?

If you’re an online article writer or blogger you probably have a book full of codes and passwords to keep track of your various accounts. Just when you join a site and are satisfied with the earnings and the incentives, along comes another site a friend has sent for you to check out which pays a cent more. Yes, a cent! Okay, make it two.

There is Experts Column which remains a favorite as well as MyLot. I am still waiting for Knoji to lift my ten day writing ban and feel pretty taken for granted as Knoji figures that writers can just wait around. What are they doing during this absence? Would the Knoji staff like it if people did this to them? Writers are punished for infractions, yet the Knoji team is guilty of a breaking the same rules and nothing is done. How can a writer correct an article if he does not have any idea why the article was rejected? You never impose a ban of a stipulated number of days, and don’t reply yourself to writers who want to know why it is thirty days already gone by, and still no lifting of the ban.

With a bit of a shock I realized how far I had let my writing slide. From writing ten novels and writing and directing a film, I have in one year gone from writing books to writing articles which pay less than a dollar. Why? Because the sites are addictive and you can’t wait to write your next article to see how by how many cents your earnings have increased. It’s a lot of fun navigating through all the sites and seeing where you can get your foot in the door. The experience is akin to a bunch of hungry dogs groveling around the same bone for a bit of the action. I have to get my act together and do what I am good at – and forget this article writing.

The little holiday is over. My brain is wracked from writing two or three articles of 500 and 400 words a day for which I am paid a huge fee: 40 cents!! I can hear you asking why. The answer is that you get a huge kick from writing articles and having readers come up to you saying that the advice helped them. And so the die is cast and I will join the group of groveling writers on the ground. As far as the writing sites they are all the same except for a few cents here and there and different gimmicks to get you to sign up. Tomorrow the writer returns.