Dec 15, 2012

In remission with Parkinson's

If your right hand started trembling 18 months ago and is visibly noticeable to all and you are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and your right hand stabilizes, no longer trembles and appears normal – does it mean that you might be in remission? If you know the answer to this question whether it is yes or no, could you respond to me? My hand used to tremble quite visibly and even if I am not doing anything, it still does not tremble. It might give a tremble when I watch a violent movie but for all intents and purposes people have noticed that my hand and arm no longer shakes.

Treatment and medication

I am currently on Levodopa for Parkinson’s and on Cipralex for anxiety, and also take the hectic calcium pills. The question behind the above question is that if my medication is giving me a reprieve and it IS a remission, does this mean that brain function will remain the same as it currently is and not deteriorate at the same rate? If you have any answers do let me know.  I am still writing and working on my 11th novel but it would greatly encourage me if I knew that there was actually some hope of getting better or for the symptoms to subside. I am less concerned with erratic body movements than I am with brain function which is crucial for me. I have always suffered from anxiety, and am thrilled that my right hand has stopped shaking.

Is there hope for Parkinson’s patients?

Should I be encouraged when symptoms stop? Or is this just a freak thing that happens sometimes with Parkinson’s patients? One hears all sorts of things. I have heard of a woman whose symptoms stopped and she was in remission for four years. Can that be true? I was diagnosed about a year ago when my arm was shaking at a fast rate. To go to bed with a shaking arm and wake up with one that is not shaking and appears to be normal is quite a turnaround. Does anyone have any answers that might help this writer?