Aug 6, 2012

Youth Group Lessons

Lessons for teens on a Sunday are a great way to come together and learn about God and the meaning of life. It keeps them focused as Christians. It also keeps them off the street and their time is spent learning more about the Bible and good fellowship. They have interval breaks where they can interact with their friends and have snacks and the session is filled with questions and answers about different passages in the Bible.

A typical session would be lesson objectives where goals are discussed to help students live in truth and to avoid being hypocrites by having humility. The Bible is filled with stories to inspire teens and start them off on the right path. They would start off with an opening prayer and scripture memorization where they would discuss particular passages they had been requested to memorize. Students share their thoughts with the class and in so doing learn something valuable in every session.


Topics would include areas such as what Jesus said the Pharisees were guilty of and illustrate examples of hypocrisy and how living a deceptive life would affect people who were not Christian and whether students think that hypocrisy was a danger to the church. The lesson would be about humility and not being self-righteous to show that you are one of the flock when in reality your actions show otherwise. The purpose of the lesson is to illustrate why it is better to be humble and not show off what you have. The bottom line of the discussion is not to be arrogant and draw attention to what you have.


Youth group lessons are conducted in a way that is easy for teens to understand but also a valuable and enjoyable experience where kids look forward to every session to be with their friends. They become part of a group of individuals who have the same objectives and who choose to learn and not be influenced by outside deterrents.

Right and wrong

A ten minute session before closing would consist of discussing various situations of right and wrong which would cover the lesson of the day. A question might be, if you were good and not selfish and tried to be kind to others, what people might think of you; whether your friends would see you differently and what your parents would think about your transformation. Questions are designed in a way that requires the student to think and not just respond with one word answers.

Closing prayer

A closing prayer of about ten minutes take place during which everyone kneels to show their humility and students are asked to pray to God to give him or her the ability to honor Him in that area of his life. The student would ask God to give him the ability to know wrong from right, to help him be honest, to honor his parents, and to help those less fortunate than he is. The aim of the lesson is to pray to God to give you the strength to live clean and honest lives and to be kind. Youth group lessons are a great way to keep those of like mind together and to give teens a healthy alternative.