Jul 29, 2012

Affordable car insurance in the UK

If you drive without car insurance you will pay a fixed penalty of one hundred pounds. Stringent measures are now in place and the UK government will come down hard on motorists who drive without insurance. Even if your car sits unused in the garage for a year if you own the car you must still pay. The only time you will be exempt from paying car insurance is if your car has been declared 'off the road' and you have proof of a Statutory Off Road Notification. If you do not have car insurance and you are stopped by the police they have the right to clamp, impound or get rid of the vehicle. Serial car insurance offenders can land in court and pay a fine as high as 1000 pounds. The onus is on you to become acquainted with the different types of car insurance available in the UK to protect yourself.

Why car insurance premiums are so high

According to the Motor Insurers' Bureau in the UK there are about a million motorists who do not pay for insurance and cost the industry about five hundred million pounds a year. These costs fall on the shoulders of the motorists who end up paying an added amount of thirty pounds to the price of car insurance. There is also fraud where whiplash claims are on the rise and cannot be verified - all costing the motorist more. Motor insurance costs are being investigated and the government plans to bring down premium costs by banning referral fees which are paid to groups or agencies which provide accident details to personal injury lawyers.

Calculating car insurance costs

In the UK women are considered to be better drivers than men as they have fewer accidents and make fewer claims. As a result they usually get cheaper car insurance than men. However, taking gender into account will soon end as a result of the recent banning by the European Court of Justice and the cost of insurance for women will rise by about 30%. An interesting fact is that motorists between 50 and 59 pay almost half the premium of a driver between 23 and 29.

Types of insurance

There are three tiers of car insurance policies; third party being the most basic where you are covered for any injury to another person or their property. Theft covers your car. Comprehensive is the best and covers risks. There are many factors like previous history, driver records, type of car, speeding convictions, occupation, whether your car is on the street at night or kept in a garage and much more that have to be taken into account before a premium can be established.

Benefits of car insurance

The major benefit of having car insurance in the UK is that you can be relaxed about your driving when you go out on the road. You need not fear being stopped by the police and having no documents. You can be relaxed in the knowledge that if anything happened to you on the road that you have all the right coverage and need not worry about a fat medical bill when something goes wrong. The cheapest car insurance is therefore not necessarily the best. Insurance is all about risk and the higher the risk, the more you pay. The cheapest car insurance policy for your client would be one where all the client's needs have been taken into account for a reasonable premium. There are many insurance carriers in the UK who will be only too happy to take down your details for a quote. Go online for more information.