May 14, 2012

Top British and American Film Divas

As film lovers we love the five British Moms because they are from another era and their films have stood the test of time. Julie Andrews will always remind us of a nanny and of the sound of music, Judi Dench as the high ranking “”M” and the man with the golden gun, James Bond, and Maggie Smith for countless brilliant pieces of film, including Room With a View. There is also Susannah York, but one of my favorites is Helen Mirren who took part in Calendar Girl, and is still a top contender; she still sizzles despite her silver strands and her age. There is also Emma Thompson who had a nice little part with Anthony Hopkins in a British film about a butler and one of the establishment's employees, whose name presently escapes me. These older actresses brought magic to the screen.

Actresses I would like to include for these actresses' American counterparts is the ever consistent Meryl Streep for her brilliant performances in Kramer versus Kramer, Bridges of Madison County, The French Lieutenant's Woman, which is one of my favorites, and her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher as The Iron Lady. Streep hasn't been in one film where she gave a second rate performance. She melts into her role and becomes the character. Another American actress that fits the description of one of the best older American actresses is Diane Keaton although we don't see much of her anymore. Also, watch out for Glenn Close who played a super bitch in the television series Damages. The lesser known Lena Olin is also a great actress and I loved her with Gary Oldman in that Romeo film where she fought her way, bum first, with a fake arm out of the front windscreen of a car and ran down a deserted street.

It's amazing how we remember actors from their performances. If you take Joan Collins, she played a super bitch and we both hated and loved her in Dallas. We never missed an episode. We gave Dallas parties, invited our friends to come and watch.