Aug 7, 2012

What happens to our rejected articles at iWriter?

As good as we think we are at writing we all have our share of rejections. Some of those rejections need to be rejected because it is bad, but there are also rejections where the writer has not set a foot wrong, grammar is perfect, context is there, and the article is perfect. When you see an article in the rejected column and no reason is given and you have spent two hours on a 700 word article, is it fair just to reject? One client told me, I love your article, but you didn’t say his or her. Another one commented like this: don’t like. Well, they can all then claim ‘don’t like’ and be off to the next writer and repeat the same thing.

A client can have eight or ten writers and reject every single article; no one is going to question it. My thought is something like this: what’s to stop the client from taking your article, say no to you, then give all your rejected articles to one of his or her own writers to rewrite? He would only pay a rewrite fee to his writer and we would lose our fee and all the time we spent researching information.

I have had two writers over the past year write to me and say that they have seen part of my work stolen and in someone else’s article. iWriter is a great site, but I don’t believe that writers can be seen to do all this word grinding and the company not taking any measures to monitor the site to stop clients reject some articles for no reason at all. The first week I started at iWriter I wrote several pieces for a client and he wrote to me that he would like to have me write for him as he liked my style. I got the whole batch of six or seven articles. I wrote three articles for which I got paid but when I came to the fourth and fifth article I didn’t see his name on any of the listed articles. I wrote the remaining articles thinking he was sick or something. I have not seen his name since, although I believe he is still there under another name.

Saving money on auto insurance

This writer knows from experience the hardship and the hassle when her daughter was involved in a near fatal collision and the first stop after the hospital, was the insurance companies who faced a $2 million lawsuit to pay for hospitalization, a head injury team, specialists, plastic surgeons, and the like. I thanked God that I was loaded with cover and at least did not have to worry about money. Insurance is the number one need for any individual driving or owning a car. Below are Top 7 tips to save on auto insurance

1                     Do all your insurance business with one company. As a business owner you will probably have many policies and whether for auto insurance, commercial insurance or any other kind of insurance have them under one roof so that you become used to your agent and can establish a relationship with him to take care of your needs. Buy both your home and auto insurance from the same company as you will get a discount, sometimes up to 10%.

2                     Ask your secretary to go online and get five or more quotes from different insurance companies so you can compare costs and get all the cover you need for an affordable price. When the agent you are working with knows that you are comparing costs he will in all likelihood scour the policy terms and conditions for a better rate. Have all your policies under one umbrella.

3                     Follow the rules of the road and do not speed. Speeding tickets can pile up and jack up your premiums. This is not something people really take into consideration.

4                     Increase your deductible on the vehicle as this can reduce your insurance premium by 5% to 10%.

5                     Park your vehicle in the areas assigned for the public and do not park in front of hydrants, loading zones and blocking emergency slots as you will be ticketed for them.

6                     If you are strapped for money purchase a car that costs less and save on insurance premiums.

7                     If you have separate policies for the different types of insurance buy them all from the same company as you will get a discount for giving them all the business and save on your insurance premiums.

More tips and auto insurance advice

Take advantage of low mileage discounts which are being paid to motorists who drive a lower than average number of miles a year. These low mileage discounts also apply to drivers who car pool to work.

Establish a solid credit history as insurers are using credit information these days to price auto insurance policies and it will help in reducing insurance costs.

Speak to your agent about reductions for drivers who get insurance through a group plan from their employees through special professional and business groups. It goes without saying that you should review your policies at each renewal to see if you are eligible for other discounts.

Things to guard against

·                     Do not lie to an insurance agent by withholding important insurance information no matter how tempted you are to do so. If there is a child that is driving the car, disclose this or you will be heavily fined for the infraction and will be charged.
·                     Do not drive without insurance. It is not only illegal in most jurisdictions you will be fined and will sweat under the increased insurance costs. You will have to pay out of your own pocket for any injuries and damages you have caused.
·                     Do not deal with a fly-by-night outfit or agent that does not know his job and only seems interested in collecting premiums. Work with an agent that is innovative and wants to get you the best coverage at the best price.
·                     If your son or daughter is a new driver and have just bought his or her first car, a good thing to install is something called Telematics, a black box insurance policy that requires the driver to have a GPS device installed to track how he or she is driving the vehicle. This is great not only because it helps with premiums but also your son or daughter will be aware of the device and drive carefully.