Jan 3, 2012

Top grooming tips for canines

Is your normally happy and bouncy dog moping around the house looking depressed? Check to see that he has no rashes or skin problems and that his coat is okay. His grooming would depend on his breed and hair type. If you find that he has scabs or sores, don’t bathe him as it will only make things worse. It might also dry out his skin. Take the dog to the vet if he has skin problems or fleas which make him constantly scratch and lick himself. Follow the vet’s instructions on how to bathe him. Here are some grooming tips once the dog feels better:

·                     Brush his coat gently. If the dog has short hair this can be done once or twice a month.
·                     Have him in a comfortable position and do his nails. He might not like it but it has to be done. If you find you can’t cut his nails, let the vet do it – or you might get a rotary tool to cut his nails.
·                     Use a soap-free shampoo to bathe the dog.
·                     If the dog is seriously infected with ticks and fleas the vet might suggest a dip. Speak to the vet about it.
·                     If you have to medicate his ears, go about it the proper way by pulling back the ear flap to expose the inner side of the ear which has three major parts; the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. Place the drops into the ear canal with a cotton swab. Don’t press too hard as you might rupture the ear drum. Don’t clean his ears until the infection has cleared up.
·                     Make sure his sleeping place is clean and comfortable. Wash the dog’s towels and blankets with an antiseptic solution and clean out the nook where he regularly relaxes. Spray the area and be particularly careful of corners in the house where it is easy for dust to collect.

In conclusion, your dog is part of your family and grooming is as much a part of his life as it is of yours. A dog gives unconditional love. In return he only wishes for a bowl of clean water, food, a place to curl up, and a pat on the head. Love your dog.