Aug 8, 2012

Tattoo removal facts

Having your lover’s name or a symbol tattooed on your skin isn’t something you just do for fun on a Sunday afternoon. It is something to be seriously considered as once you put ink in your skin it is there forever and difficult to get rid of. In earlier days it was all the rage to have a tattoo, especially after Angeline Jolie sported her tattoos and set a trend. You wanted to be part of that trend and got a butterfly tattoo on your upper arm. You deeply regret doing it now because you feel a little embarrassed at rushing out and inking your skin and cannot wear a sleeveless dress as the tattoo is fully exposed. If you are in show business you will know that singer and entertainer William Farrel had tattoos on both his arms removed. It was something he deeply regretted he did. Not to worry. If you have unwanted tattoos on your body the following information will help you.

Tattoo removal machines

·                     Today there are various machines available to consumers for skin rejuvenation and resurfacing. The Fractional CO2 machine is one such machine and has features to deliver an excellent result. Quality is what counts when it comes to your skin.
·                     The Multifunctional machine includes all of the above as well as wrinkle removal, acne, scar removal, surgical scars and the best price for the widest range of functions.
·                     The Tattoo Removal machine is a stand-alone and is used for different color tattoo removal on the lips, eyebrows, eyelids, and has the capacity to remove hair on all types of skin and remove any unwanted tattoos.
·                     Some people with unwanted tattoos may also do a cover-up with laser treatment by creating a new tattoo over the existing one where darker tones of ink are used.
·                     Not all lasers are the same. A tattoo laser penetrates deeply to attack the color particles in the ink but not so deeply as to create permanent tissue damage. The quality of the result you will have depends on the type and quality of the machine, how long the treatments are and how often you have one.

5 Myths about tattoo removal

·                     That once you had a tattoo, you could not reverse it. That is not so any longer. Today you can effectively remove unwanted tattoos with a number of laser treatments which are conducted by a professional who uses a special machine to break up ink pigments.
·                     That laser tattoo removal is painful. The procedure might cause a little discomfort in that there might be a sensation of burning or tingling similar to one which one experiences sitting in the sun for too long. The specialist can apply some topical numbing cream on the area which may help.
·                     That there is excessive downtime between treatments. This is a myth. The length of time depends on the person’s skin type and how it reacts. Common skin irritations such as swelling and redness are normal and are not serious.
·                     That laser tattoo removal causes scarring. This is another myth. Older models of the machine might have caused scarring but this is not so any longer.
·                     That tattoo removal creams are just as effective and much cheaper. If that were so there would be a line up. There is no real evidence that creams and lotions can actually remove tattoo pigment. These creams are skin bleaches or abrasive chemicals which only mask the tattoo instead of removing it.

Tattoo removal costs

Tattoo removal costs depend on the size of the tattoo, the quality of the ink, whether it is in a hard to reach place and other factors. The only way to determine cost is to contact the company where you are invited to have a no-obligation consultation and where they can put together a package for you. You will be given an estimate after taking into account how many treatments you will need to remove your tattoo and decide from there exactly what you want and need to have done. The company also offers package discounts and monthly specials. Many factors play a part in successful tattoo removal and a patient that eats well, has the right weight, has a healthy immune system and does not smoke will do well. Why not go online and take advantage of your free consultation for any questions you might still have?