Mar 24, 2013

Review of Shahs of Sunset

Bizarre! Disgusting! Incredible! These were the words heard by viewers to describe the latest episodes of Shahs of Sunset, the latest in a series of reality programs which had popped up to whet our appetites for the bizarre. I was disgusted as I watched but needed to write a review. I had been married to an Iranian some years back, had two children with him, and felt a sort of pride that I knew a little about the Persians and their customs. 

Watching the reality show was like being at one of their parties, listening to gossip, popping truffles, sipping wine, exchanging gifts; the girls were beautiful, their dresses exquisite, hair coiffed and decorated with combs and beads. They all had fathers bankrolling their expenses; one such father drew up a list of items his daughter had bought only two days earlier – it was a shocking amount. The one daughter is responsible, the other wants to know why she should go out and work. They were gorgeous girls to look at but vapid and shallow. They know how to find a man; they do not know how to engage him. But then you don’t need much to engage the other characters.

Their lives revolve around sex, clubs, fashion, food and drink, with a dark-haired Persian leader Reza Farahan to lead them in their daily pursuits for more and more fun. By the second season their reality show is in array with expletive going back and forth. Reza and the sexy and pouty MJ (Mercedes) are great characters and have known each other a long time. They fight and squeal but always make up. GG is the slim, hot-headed one in a bikini who is quick on the draw. When she loses an argument and things become heated, she asks you, “Do you want me to take this outside?” She challenges you; she makes her voice big, but she never throws the first punch.

Of course Reza has a man in his life as well. He wants it both ways; sandwiches and wine on the beach, and a man to go with to the parties. The girls will do their shopping.  Asa will do her Persian priestess thing, talk about having no money, and plan another event not many people – other than Iranians want to see.  The person I enjoyed watching the most was Veda, the mother of Mercedes, who said to her daughter that she was not marriage material and that she would put pins in her eyes before she went out with her. This mother eats her young.  All in all Shahs is an exciting watch and despite the characters’ lifestyle and behavior, you can’t stop watching.

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Mar 20, 2013

Letter to God

Dear God
Please let this be the day that you have Mercy on your flock and strike the word Parkinson’s disease forever from your slate.  There are more than a million people around the world who suffer from this disease. They will do anything God, if you could spare them with new technology or secret ingredients that could set them free. We know you are the One God who can do anything. You do not need our prayers and do not need someone else to help you. You need but think the cure and it will be before you.

Is there a cure for Parkinson’s or is it a hoax?
Recently it came to our attention that there are hoaxers, hypocrites and scammers in our midst. They are there for their own purposes; they are not there to share or help others but to steal what they can with their eyes. Some of us do not care to know all the secrets; just the ones that can grant us good health. Only you can do that, God. We need a miracle – a recipe infused with the right ingredients and the blessings of your name. We need this special elixir to rid ourselves of the disease. We are not unhappy or complaining about the life you have given us, God. We thank you every day for our sustenance and your Mercy on earth. We have said prayers for ourselves and prayers for the ill and the dead.   Please let us know with clear signs God that you have heard our prayers and that you will answer them and bring light to those of us who are suffering. We need help, God.

For the creators of the Reversing Parkinson’s sales pitch
If there truly is a cure for Parkinson’s, may we learn of it soon and may all of us have access to this lifesaving medication. If there is no cure and this is an attempt to line your pockets with money, it is enough to leave you in God’s hands.  Remember, we have a Loving God but also a Wrathful God.

Ref Material – Qur’an, Bible
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Mar 19, 2013

PD Scavengers

These are the people who put out false information about products and condemn the very product and information that they are trying to sell to you. Here is a first-hand experience. I have Parkinson’s.  The advertisement making the rounds right now is an electronic PDF on HOW TO REVERSE PARKINSON’S DISEASE – the people behind the ad claim that they can reverse this degenerative disease that scientists have been trying for years to find a cure for and are still in the dark about. The claim that they can reverse this degenerative disease is not only untrue it is just plain irresponsible and gives PD sufferers false hope. Why would you play with someone’s emotions like that? This is their health. Parkinson’s is a dangerous, degenerative scavenger.

Reversing Parkinson’s
A PD sufferer will do anything to reverse his condition.  I am one of them. When I saw the advertisement in question I read the information four or five times to make sure I had read right. The ad stated very clearly that the sales pitch guaranteed to reverse your Parkinson’s and that you would get your money back if they were unsuccessful and it was not reversed. The ad promised that THREE ingredients would make the product work successfully.  I wrote a letter and expressed my interest. They never bothered with a reply. All this makes me ask is WHY? 

Good karma pays dividends
If you are sitting with information you know will help people, why would you not share it?  Your generosity will help someone else and that someone will help you. Karma is like that. For the doctors who would rather see you on pills than see you better: if you truly have the secret that can turn the medical industry on its heels, why not share it now? Why not tell us the ingredients and tell us how to prepare it? Where is your generosity?  

Mar 4, 2013

Learning guitar online and succeeding

A wise man once said that you can do anything you want to do when you put your mind to it. Having said that, are you being smart trying to learn guitar online? There is no one to help you with the physical mastering of holding and using the guitar; you are on your own with an instruction manual. After five or six attempts, you get the message that you will not be at it for long. If that is the case you should stop now and not waste anyone’s time. If on the other hand you really want to learn to play the guitar, you are required to put in some time. Who knows? You may turn out to be the next Jimi Hendrix or one of those cool front men in Arrowsmith or Kiss.

Getting started
Lessons can be boring, especially when you live far away from the music teacher and have to go by public transport lugging your guitar. So why not try it on your own? It might be the very reason you stay on to learn the guitar. You can’t give up that easily. Go online and download some music. They have the right stuff for beginners to get you started and build up your skills. Nothing comes without hard work.  The songs might even inspire you and steer you in the right direction. The guitar is a lot of fun. You can learn a few standard variations and cheat your listeners by letting them think you play that well all the time. Learning the guitar online allows you to practice in your own time and to set your own schedule.

The basics
There are many aids to help you such as e-books, diagrams, and pictures which will make the learning experience more enjoyable. Stick with it. Play on your own. You are not aware of it but you are becoming more dexterous – and whether you want to learn the acoustic, lead or blues guitar, the lessons are available for you. You can easily download any song, easy or difficult, by doing a search for the song you want – and you need to find a lesson plan that suits your musical tastes. Maybe you aspire to be Eric Clapton or the blues genius Buddy Guy; it is all there for the taking. 

An online guitar lesson that comes highly recommended is ‘Learn and Master Guitar’. If you want to learn amazing blues guitar solos this is the one. Some may offer you scales and patterns for fingering.  Once you have grasped the basics, you can start with the advanced stuff and achieve your goal in your own time.  You can achieve these goals in whatever amount of time that you choose; it is up to you. Remember the more you practice the faster the process.  You could be the next guitar guru in no time at all. For more information do go online.
Learn guitar online today and become the star you are destined to be!
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Mar 2, 2013

A well functioning immune system a most valuable asset

When our bodies fail us in one way or another we look for a special ingredient that may magically turn it all around. What we should be doing, is checking our immune system as a whole and not do a patch-up job by fixing and adding things here and there as you would on a car. You have the car checked out and examined. You make a list of the valuable facts and points. You get a list, a plan and your stethoscope together to fix the problem from inside out to get to the heart of the matter. 

What causes a sluggish immune system?
·         When you smoke, drink alcohol, and have poor eating habits
·         When you are anxious all the time and suffer from  anxiety
·         When you do not exercise and have no physical outlet
·         When you do not watch your weight and what you eat
·         When you don’t take vitamins or care for your  general health
·         When you do not have enough sleep
·         When you have no form of relaxation
·         When you have too much sugar

How can you boost your immune system?
·         Take the time to enjoy a meal and have enough protein, vegetables and fruit on your plate.
·         Light to medium exercise is sufficient for a senior, even if just a walk to the park and back. It is not good to sit and mope around.
·         If you are a loner, get out of your room and make friends with your neighbour. It is not good to have no contact with other people. People who interact with others have more to live for and it is good to have friends.
·         Make a decision to work for half an hour in the garden every day; wear a hat and drink lots of water.
·         Eat food rich with vitamins and take a supplement to boost your immune system.
·         Check with the doctor for a supplement tailored to your needs. We all have different requirements.
·         Have a good night’s sleep and take frequent naps.
·         Include spinach, chard, and boiled turnips on the menu.
·         Treat your immune system better than the engine of your car and you will be fine.