Jun 29, 2012

Needing God and loving it

I just read a long tongue-in-cheek article on God and why we need God, and was disappointed that although the author was funny, the article was a long psychological explanation which is not what I wanted to read. I wanted the simple reasons for believing and needing and loving a Higher Power in my life.

What God means to me

• The most important reason for me to believe in God is that I am never alone. I talk to God all the time as if I was talking to a friend. God is a guide for me and I know when I am doing wrong and God is silent and when I am not selfish and God is pleased. It does not matter to me if God does not exist in a way I can’t understand as long as I don’t lose God as a friend. My love for God is firmly established and while I err and do wrong like everyone else, I try hard not to transgress.

• I could not imagine living a cold, empty life without the breath of God. It is not out of fear that I love God, but out of God’s love for me and I don’t want to disappoint. It does not matter to me how others believe or what they do not believe; we are all individuals and we make our own decisions on how to live. If they can live without God, good for them, and I wish them well.

• Like everyone else I need God’s help to pick me up when I am down, and to warn me of my transgressions. I know when God is pleased with me and I feel good, and when I misbehave and God is silent. God is like a loving, comforting blanket your mother spreads over you when you need it. When I indulge in games of risk, God is silent for a long time. And then God forgives me as He knows what is in my heart.

• In times of hardship or loss God is there for me and picks me up when I am down. He gives me the strength to stay strong and to get on with my life. He gives me the courage to believe and not despair. God is my personal guard and adviser and my life would be empty if I did not have God to call on. God is my conscience and without my conscience I would be a reckless and helpless human being. Does that mean that I believe out of fear? Not at all. I believe out of love.


Was Rafael Nadal sour grapes for losing to a player ranked 100?

Nadal is a formidable opponent on the court but yesterday just took it too far. His shots were substandard, his mood was dark and foreboding, he was argumentative, and somehow this writer, even though Nadal is a superstar at his job – it is a job after all – just was plain rude and out of it. He acted like a spoiled brat who could not get his way. He scowled for most of the match, he had words with the umpire, and was a hard loser.

I have written about Nadal many times and each time, even though Nadal had come out on top and won the match, he still had a list of shortcomings which showed his immaturity after a win and was not always gracious to the person on the other side of the net. It was the first time watching him play that I wanted him to lose. Losing is a good way to start learning and Rafa has a lot to learn yet about good manners and humility.

When he wins he jumps onto the rafters; when he loses he is surly and those water bottles get rearranged more times than usual and his picking at his pants tells how anxious and nervous he is.

It is nice to win but one must not win and take the pleasure out of the game by not being a good sport and ruining the day for the other player who felt almost afraid to show his joy. Kudos to Lukas Rosol who was a real winner on and off the court; not once did he grimace or make Rafa feel bad, whereas Rafa gave Rosol a mediocre pat on the shoulder and left showing all the world what a kid he still is.

It was good to see uncle Tony squirm in his seat as his protégé showed his bad side to the world. Uncle Tony is a good influence on Nadal, but perhaps uncle Tony should take some time out to teach Nadal the art of losing and not rob him of a bit of home schooling on how to behave when all does not go his way. All is fair in love and war; same on the tennis court.


Bird Food and Bird Feeders

When you love your birds you want them to have the best nutrition for a healthy coat and a perky demeanor. You don’t want your birds to leave their pellets uneaten in the bowl and dislike their food. Here is a list of nutritious and different types of bird and budgie food on the market you can choose from.

Budgie and parrot food

• An enhanced formula for young parrots which are being hand-raised by you. It is inexpensive and filled with nutrients.

• A dry mix of mango-flavored nutrients to supplement the diet of caged birds as well as birds which are breeding.

• A parrot pellet maintenance diet which is highly palatable. Parrot pellets are fully extruded which makes for complete balanced nutrition with vitamins and minerals for parrots.

• Vitamin and mineral supplements, a concentrated palatable source of vitamins and minerals in water soluble form. The recommended dose is 1 teaspoon per liter of water.

• Nectar pellets providing complete nutrition for nectar eating birds.

• Fruity treats consisting of a high quality mix of dehydrated fruits, making a tasty and nutritious treat supplement for all birds.

• A wet mix of banana flavored nutrients to supplement the diet of breeding and caged birds.

Insect-eating birds deserve special mention in that they require a diet high in fat and protein. Insecta-Pro, a complete live-food replacement supplies crucial proteins found in insects; something lacking in grains and vegetables. It provides a supplemental feed for all insectivorous birds, as well as those who need live food. The wet mix assists in stimulating breeding pairs and provides a balanced diet for young birds.

Attractive bird feeders for budgies and parrots

There are few things more beautiful than the sound of twittering birds cooing outside your window. Here is a selection of bird feeders in a variety of styles and designs to add attractiveness to the cage and provide added excitement on your porch or outside your window where there is shade.

1 Window feeders which allow you to enjoy the sound of your birds up close.
2 Hopper feeders suspended from the branch of a tree or from a deck awning.
3 Oriole, bluebird and cardinal feeders when you wish to attract a certain type of bird.

Bird feeder designs

• A tube bird feeder attracts finches to your yard; small birds in a variety of colors primarily feeding on thistle seed and making beautiful chirping sounds. Some finch feeders have room for as many as 18 birds on their perches.
• A window feeder which can be attached to a window with Velcro or suction cups or placed inside a windowsill. These feeders have a one-way mirror allows you to come within inches of your birds without disturbing them.

• Bird feeders come in the form of chalets, red barns, pagodas and many other designs.

• Hopper feeders which are spacious and holds large quantities of seed making it easy for a flock of birds to approach. Go online for a more in depth search and make an informed choice.