Jan 9, 2012

Weight Loss, Lies, and Videotape

Have you put on a little weight over Christmas eating too much turkey and sweet potato pie and drinking eggnog in addition to adding to the stubborn fat you already have around the waist? Are you one of those quick starters with a weight loss program, but fast to lose interest and give up? Do you answer yes to any of the following?

·                     Have tried several weight loss programs?
·                     Cuts out a chocolate and eats two boxes of buttered popcorn?
·                     Cheats by eating in secret and lies about weight?
·                     Would rather drive to the corner store than walk?
·                     Loses a pound and celebrates with binge drinking and 20 chicken wings?

You’re obviously a yoyo dieter and need to get up from your seat and get real. You can’t lose weight without eating the right foods, drinking lots of water, having daily exercise, and being praised for your progress; it helps to have support even if it is just someone who acknowledges that they can see improvement or that your clothes look better on you. Remember the time Oprah came out on stage with a little child’s wagon with sixty odd pounds of butter on it? She needed the support of the nation. She was determined to get thin. If Oprah who is a self-confessed over-eater can lose weight, anyone can.

Deciding on the right program or plan

What is the first thing assaulting you when you click on a computer button and a voice on a videotape jumps out at you like Jack in the Box? You are physically assaulted on the ear by a professional, canned voice spewing out benefits of a program as fast as he or she can without letting up. When you try to stop the voice, you can’t close the site fast enough as another voice tries to jump in and carry on. This is hard line, take no prisoners marketing and this writer is offended by it – but perhaps it is needed for people who are overweight and refuse to do something about it. For the most part a lot of the weight loss plans work; it is the people who sign up who do not want to do the work. Go online and click on Eat Weight Off.com and Total Health Breakthrough. These are two great weight loss programs and you can decide to start losing that weight by joining one of the two programs or incorporating them into one fat-busting exercise. Click on the links below for your choice of a program and get started. Soon it will be Valentine's Day. Don't be left out of the loop and don't put it off for another day. If you don't do something about your weight now, you never will. Reading about a great weight loss strategy is your first step.